Vampire Killer Krunchy Kale Review

I figured I’d check out this snack since it advertised to have loads of garlic, and I surmised that it might be tasty at the time.  I can’t say that the garlic was discernible or kaleseven distinct enough to warrant the label “vampire killer.”  Granted, it certainly served to slake my appetite–hopefully for the right reason (excess of fiber) rather than something a bit less desirable (nausea and eschewal).  I couldn’t really tell.  It was crunchy, salty, and cheesy without having cheese.  That usually satisfies while one is watching films.  Weird aftertaste, but nothing egregious.

My opinion was moreover taken aback by the choice of packaging.  Does Kale require such an elaborate container?  After all that effort to be non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher, etc., why package one’s item in plastic? Why not go the rest of the way and use PLA, compostable packaging?


Nevertheless, I think this snack is useful for weightloss.  Let me know if anyone’s tried to eat this over a long period of time and whether they’ve noticed nice results.


1.22.2014 – I just contacted Brad’s Raw Foods and requested samples to review for our website and for them to elaborate on their packaging.

When that comes back, we can begin to rank them for sustainability.  A deeper analysis would involve the following:

  • How they transport/deliver their product
  • Whether their manufacturing facilities are LEED-level
  • Whether their facilities are zero-waste
  • Packaging materials

A fully-comprehensive ranking system is on the way!