Motor-Free Commuter


Fossils fuels are the cause of a significant degree of pollution, contamination, climate change, cancer, and other adverse environmental issues.  In order to have a healthy planet where people may prosper, we need to use cleaner alternatives.  The consequences of our choices should always be factored into our decisions.

For the sake of cleaner air and a healthier lifestyle, it is recommended that more people adopt cycling, skating, walking, and other activities.  Otherwise motorized vehicles with fossil-fuel combustion contribute to a ton of health problems and disease.

The American Heart and Lung Association publishes studies on North American air quality each year.  These studies reveal just how dire the poor air quality is for human health and survival.

So what do we need to do to reverse these harmful trends?

Through the Make the Streets Safe Campaign, we shall promote the use “human power” for commuting and travel in order to make the air cleaner in the City of Los Angeles.  But since it is dangerous to ride a bicycle, walk, or skate in the city, we are raising money to target zero collisions between vehicles and people.  It’s important that everyone is prepared, attentive, and alert.  We have the solution to confront these challenges on both fronts.

Join us in our efforts!