Plastic Atlantis – The Documentary

PLASTIC ATLANTIS: Title background

The title of this production was adopted because when we initially learned about the plastic gyre, it seemed almost absurd.  It’s hard to imagine a plastic stew accumulating in the ocean larger than the size of Texas.  One may wonder how long it would take before the garbage became substantial enough to sell real estate.  By then would it qualify as a new continent?  What would we name that continent?


This notion may seem amusing, but the plastic gyre is an imminent catastrophe.  Even with other documentaries covering the same subject matter, it’s still difficult for the average person to fathom the magnitude of plastic contamination.  For those who haven’t put eyes on the gyre itself and don’t see the accumulation of plastic waste in and around the oceans, the existence of the gyre of garbage almost seems mythical.  It is even more challenging for people to understand how their seemingly benign daily activities contribute to the process.


By the end of the film, we want viewers to become conscientious objectors of plastic.  If we could change the public perception of plastic such that the next generation was educated to consider most plastic to be taboo substances, toxic to our Earth, then we have achieved one of the major goals of this film.

Plastic Atlantis Background