LA Green Fest – September 2016 – Water Gallery

Single-Use Plastic Bottles are often used in the home, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, given that filtered water is an available option (at a lower cost, too). The Water Gallery offers inspirational, artistic decanters and glasses, which not only impress guests, but visually enhance the experience of drinking water.  Portable water containers are also available! Check Water Gallery for products and add some jazz to your daily water experience!


Single-Use Plastic bottles are also problematic.  Billions of water bottles are manufactured, distributed, and thrown away each year.  Many of these make their way to landfills or pollute our oceans, eventually deteriorating in the sunlight and harming wildlife throughout the marine food chain.  As these plastics accumulate, they are increasingly becoming a cataclysmic threat to our ecosystems and the health of our planet.  To learn more, follow us on Twitter @dfeed_animals #plasticatlantis and our Facebook Group /dnfeed.