We’re making a documentary

Until it’s ready check out one of these courtesy of Top Documentary Films:

  • Shelter in Place is a devastating exploration of the oil industry’s impact on the health and life quality of the inhabitants of Port Arthur, a small Texan town framed against the backdrop of flaming oil rigs and smothering black smog.
  • An elegantly filmed documentary, Planet Ocean takes us on a beautiful adventure into the strangest domains of our planet – the oceans.
  • How can we make better cities than ever, better workplaces, better schools… how can we immerse ourselves in nature everyday instead of thinking we have to get in SUV and drive 50 miles?
  • Pollution is becoming a devastatingly huge problem that will endanger humanity for generations to come. One such pollutant is our use of single-use plastic.
  • We’re all paying for the landfills around the country, and everybody in the US is working with some system, whether it’s a municipal system that manages their own waste locally or it’s a system that ships the waste to other parts of the country.