SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th from 7pm – 9pm  #Darwinsaysno #Darwinsays #dnfeed 

Come join us and celebrate the First Year Anniversary of Don’t Feed the Animals!

DNFTA is an environmental non-profit with the mission to use art and media to educate individuals, communities, and corporations with effective means to safeguard the environment and achieve a better and more sustainable future for humanity on this planet.

Featuring Live Performance by Callusoul
Exclusive Refreshments from Pearson Brothers Winery
Hand-painted Merchandise
Repurpose Jewelry by Wenchie, featured on Etsy
U-stream Live on our Youtube Channel: Share your experiences in adopting a sustainable lifestyle and zero-waste practices on http://youtube.com/c/dontfeedtheanimals.  We’ve got some nifty questions, so come steal a little spotlight and help inspire people to make a difference.

Green Gurus: Quiz and question the Environment Experts for solutions and anything that compells one’s curiosity.

And More!

TICKETS – Tickets are available online until 3pm on 12-Sep-2015.  Afterwards they will be available at the venue check-in from 7pm onward. 21 and over only (ID required).

PARKING – Parking lots are north and south of the venue on Centinela by the Vineyard Westside Christian Fellowship signs.  Overflow parking is available at the Grand View Boulevard Elementary School to the south (after the Petco on Centinela).  UBER & METRO are other options from transportation to and from the event.

#Darwinsaysno #Darwinsays #dnfeed @DNfeed_Animals 


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There I was traipsing through the snow the day after I summitted Mt. Baldy in order to procure more wilderness photography, since Los Angeles has an indigence of opportunities to experience “real winter”–as some may deem it. In other words–winter with actual snowfall, hail, sleet, and other “dreadful” elements is rare lest one is willing to seek it out.

Not too many people have a chance to indulge the marvels of nature, so I brought the banquet back for the eyes to relish. Enjoy!


Welcome to a Yoga Class for the Cause of Environmental Sustainability!  
Hosted by Spectrum at Santa Monica

Join Us for Yoga on Saturday 1.24.2014

From 3:00 – 4:30pm.

$30 recommended donation. All-levels welcome.  Instructor: Byron

Spectrum Athletic Clubs | Santa Monica

 2425 Olympic Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Contact Spectrum Gym (310) 829-4995 for more information.

Ballona Creek Renaissance Sponsors Clean-ups where local volunteers assemble in order to address the problem of trash contamination.


This Creek Clean-up took place on September 10, 2014.  

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