Make the Streets Safe

How many people have been hit or injured by a car while crossing an intersection or riding a bike?


Don’t Feed the Animals – Make the Streets Safe Commuter Program Fundraiser (Los Angeles, CA)

Don’t Feed the Animals is a new non-profit, public benefit corporation. Our mission is to use ART & MEDIA to educate the public in best practices for sustainability. This is important in order to guarantee a future for humanity on this planet. Since one of these best practices is commuting, our first major program involves the promotion of non-motorized vehicle travel. That means commuter travel that doesn’t involve engines and burning fossil fuels.              Save the air!

Commuter Program

Riding a bicycle, walking, or any other “human-powered” means of travel are a great way to cut down on emissions in the City of Los Angeles. They are also a great way to improve air quality. In order to have more participation—commuting desperately needs to become safer.

  • How many people do you know have had their lives impacted by the safety issues of commuting by bike?
  • How many people do you know have been hit or injured by cars while crossing an intersection?

There were more than 449,498 cyclist crashes in Los Angeles during the last decade, and 2,089 resulted in at least one fatality.  The number of pedestrian deaths in CA state are soaring with almost 612 casualties each year. These tragedies are staggering, and have impacted so many families because they aren’t just numbers. They are our loved ones.

We need to take action now.  Join us to help raise funds for our organization. Your contribution is critical, and we need you to act now so that we can target zero.  Help us reduce these unnecessary injuries and deaths.   Give money today.  You’d be amazed how far your contribution goes.

Commuter Program Strategy – We have a revenue engine that multiplies impact.  Here’s how it works:
  • Your contributions shall allow us to develop and manufacture our first line of safety clothing. We are commissioning local LA artists to design a line of high-visibility apparel for commuters to wear on the streets.  (Think street art + reflective screen print + awesome).  This apparel will improve commuter visibility and draw more attention to the problem of commuter safety. We’ll feature these designs in our online store and sell them to the public to save and protect lives. Proceeds shall help fund the growth of our Commuter Program—and our online TV channel.

Here are some fly prototypes of the High-Visibility Apparel that we shall commission.

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  • Your contributions shall also help fund the online TV channel directly. The online TV channel will host videos to educate the public about commuter safety. We’ll teach people the best practices to use while driving. We shall also feature videos to teach people safety practices for riding bicycles, skateboards, and commuting by foot.  (The key here is to make safety wicked fly and “bling-degree awesome.”  Marketing is critical, and we need to optimize participation in using safety gear and safe practices.)
  • As non-motorized commuting becomes safer (and awesomer!), more people shall participate.  More cyclists/skaters/pedestrians means fewer combustion-engine cars.  Fewer motorized vehicles on the road = cleaner air.  Cleaner air makes people healthier, helps the planet.  Success!


We need to get 100% fundraising. Our non-profit is chartered to save lives.
  • Our target is $50,000.
  • 50% involves Commuter Program funding: filming, editing, and post-production; web development, and the production of high-visibility merchandise for the online store.
  • 50% will bolster our organization and pay for operations and all those other household goodies.  This will help us establish ourselves as effective agents for delivering our mission.  Helping you is our mission.  Helping humanity learn how to survive and maintain itself for centuries to come–using best practices for sustainability–is our mission.  Let’s make it happen together.  Donate today and join us in our efforts.
  • There is also the option to make a contribution through Amazon Wishlist and help us procure gear for our organization.
What we need you to do: DONATE RIGHT NOW.

What you get:
  • The power to make a difference, protect commuters, and save lives!
  • If you donate through our store (coming soon!)  Then: Merchandise, baby!  Sweet, sultry merchandise.
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Are those reflective Honey Badger tracks I see?

Risks & Challenges

Our organization is brand-spanking new.  Don’t Feed the Animals was formed on August 18, 2014.  Although we started from scratch, with your support, we’ll carry this through to success and beyond.  Save lives.  Look rad.  Be safe.

Running a nonprofit is not Abracadabra.  We need all the help we can get.  That help comes from you.  You person at the screen, reading this over.  You are the person who makes the change.   It begins with you, and I need your help today.  Please make a pledge and contribute to our campaign.

We are a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status!  These are exciting times!  It took a while to complete that registration, but we did it!  *cartwheel*

Other ways to Contribute

Help us get the word out to everyone you know.  Pass this along through your family and friends.  Retweet and share with conviction!  This is your mission, too.   Share share share!  Recruit and spread the word.

If you know anyone who’s been hit, now is your chance to take action. Contact us at

Thank you for your contributions and support!

Let us make tomorrow’s Los Angeles a place when children and adults can walk, ride, and skate along the streets safely.  The solution starts with you.  Give.  Pledge.  Be attentive.  Make a difference.  Act.  Donate right now.