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Director Bios


staci portStaci Goddard | The Etruscan WarriorPresident

Staci emerged from the Ivy League with a love of classical languages and a voracious desire to create. After spending due time in her version of the Bern Patent Office, she decided to unleash Don’t Feed the Animals. This humble vision is to simultaneously give a voice both to mother Earth and its inhabitants.

Staci is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and scholar. Her restless mind is only surpassed by her altruism.

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Brettney Perr | Wenchie: The Heathen VeganDirector and Secretary

BrettBrettney aspires to protect our lush natural ecosystems and devotes her life to eco-sustainability.  By living a sustainable lifestyle, she effectively serves as a role model to her family and shares her wisdom with others.  She has participated in Heal the Bay cleanups and is actively involved in the community.  Brettney also runs a jewelry store where she makes repurposed art and focuses on using found objects or up-cycled materials, running on the premise that everything has a (re)use, it just needs to be used correctly.

Heathen Vegan Origins

With dietary allergies and an inability to digest meat (other than fish) Brettney was compelled to become vegan/pescetarian.  She is also a staunch foodie, encouraging others to eat in a way that helps them function at optimal health levels.