Are you 501(c)(3)?

Absolutely!  As of February 3, 2015, we are tax-exempt.  Somehow we managed to make such an awesome Form 1023 application, that it was processed superquickly!   Thank you IRS!

How is Don’t Feed the Animals Funded?

You.  Don’t Feed the Animals is a public benefit corporation.  Our organization exists for the people and serves the people.  Thus, our organization is funded by the people.  Your support is critical for us to fulfill our mission.  That is why we need you to take action and donate right now.   


How far do my donations go?

Every dollar you donate goes further because of innovative strategies.  These strategies allow us to multiply the impact of your contribution.  

What can you do?  Click that floating DONATE button and make a pledge. Support our cause and help the future for humanity as a whole.


How Donations Work:

Your contributions fund our programs, administration/operations, and our fundraising.


  • Motor-Free Commuter Program – This begins with making the streets safe for bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.  In order to promote the use of alternative means of commuting that don’t involve lung-slaying, fossil fuel emissions, we need to first implement best practices for safety.
  • Documentary, Plastic AtlantisLet’s end the plastic contamination in the N. Pacific Gyre.  With this documentary, we will kick-off the solution process and chronicle these changes.  This initiates in May 2015.  Stay tuned for more news!
  • DNFTV Educational videos online – Created in-house by our team of talent, we’ll show you how to create a zero-waste, environmentally-sustainable household.  Learn what you need to do in the home to acquire zero-waste-status and adopt the green lifestyle.
  • 2015: Environmental Ethics Education – Symposia and workshops for best practices in zero-waste and environmental sustainability for institutions and the community
  • 2017: Sustainable Technology Disaster Relief – This scintillates!  Cutting-edge tech for helping disaster zones.  More news to come…  If you have ideas, inventions, and expertise, Contact Us!


In order to clarify how donations work from a fundamental perspective, here’s a quick sketch infographic (below).  Your funds help us implement our programs.  Our programs are designed to fulfill our objective to educate the public in best practices for environmental sustainability.  A portion of your funds shall also help us administer our programs.  We need to remain effective agents in order to work for a better future. Much of this work involves compliance with law, accounting, record-keeping, and the logistics to carry out the programs.  All of these fundamental functions fall under the category of “operations.”

Some people look at administration and operations costs and consider them “stigmatic.” This belief is dangerous.  Since we are grassroots and hard-working, we need funds for administration and operations.  There is no shame in this.  If you love us, believe in us, and appreciate what we do, then help us grow and serve the public.

On account of our innovative strategies, we’ve streamlined operations and administration.  That’s the advantage that we have over nonprofits with more traditional models.  We know how to use technology and in-house talent to conserve costs and minimize our administration expenses–even though we are new.  Our progress is impressive!  And it’s all because of people like you who have helped us. Thank you for your support!




We get the maximum impact from your contributions.  Part of the donations we receive are invested in fundraising.  The best part is that our mission is integrated into our fundraising programs.  Thus, as part of our business model, we fulfill our mission in every type of fundraising we do.

For example, our Art Gallery events will effectively use art and media to enroll, educate, and empower the public in best practices for sustainability. We will feature keynote speakers who are experts in their field in order to present on sustainability and zero-waste subjects.  We will also host a variety of zero-waste activities that will offer attendees clever, engaging experiences.  Stay tuned…

Even our merchandise fulfills our mission.  Each high-visibility shirt for the Motor-Free Commuter Program is a pledge to “pay attention” and make the streets safe for motor-free commuters.  The shirts also help cyclists and skaters be seen by motorists.  We need to spread awareness and draw attention to the problem of collisions.

If you want to be a part, get a shirt today and let the drivers know that these tragedies are unacceptable.  Send us your video wearing the shirt while riding with a helmet or walking: info@dnfeed.org.  We’ll add these to our video montage, which gives us more currency when we present our comprehensive solution strategy to City Council.

Everything we do is part of an efficient, interconnected model that optimizes your contributions.  With your support, you help us pioneer progress.

Thank you.



And if you would like to help us directly procure some of the resources we need to be effective, there is always the option to donate supplies through Amazon Wishlist.