Why are you called “Don’t Feed the Animals”?

We devised the name “Don’t Feed the Animals” from the signs found in the zoo and some National Parks like the Grand Canyon.  Generally, we aren’t supposed to feed “the animals” because “wild” animals ideally should be left to thrive in their natural habitats undisturbed.

The underlying principle for “Don’t Feed the Animals” is “survival of the fittest”–however, survival is not only for the “strong”–but also for the wise. Survival and fitness for modern humans is achieved through environmental sustainability and living in harmony with the planet as part of the global community.

The Earth is our home, and we need to become stewards of the planet if we are to prosper for centuries to come.


How do we achieve this future of environmental sustainability & become stewards of the planet?

The recommended method is Environmental Sustainability Education.  We use ART & MEDIA to teach best practices and provide resources to learn more about pollution, radioactive contamination, the diseases these cause, and their destructive consequences.  These practices also serve to protect the health and welfare of humanity, the wilderness, wildlife, animals, and the Earth’s Ecosystems.