What is DNFTA about?          


How will DNFTA make a difference?

We believe we can achieve significant change through EDUCATION.

What makes DNFTA stand out among other non-profits?    

We achieve our mission using ART & MEDIA as TOOLS to EDUCATE individuals, communities, and corporations.


EDUCATION: It’s not just simply about broadcasting facts. With today’s technology, there is a surplus of information. The FACTS and the critical data get lost in the shuffle. Using ART & MEDIA, we shall effectively bring pertinent and critical information to people, make it memorable, give it HYPE, and enroll them so that they are invested. Invested people become dedicated to the cause of safeguarding the welfare of humanity and its future on this planet. They put the best practices and policies into play and promote these practices in their homes, at work, and throughout their community.

One aspect of education is getting people aware of the damage, the pollution, and the dismal trends currently underway that are harmful and deleterious to humanity. Another aspect is teaching people the consequences of action and inaction—and then empowering them to make a difference. The third aspect involves enrolling people to invest their time and efforts to end these harmful practices and institute ones that are sustainable and responsible—not only in their homes, but also as leaders of their communities who are able to bring that change forward to other arenas, including the workplace and even greater levels. That is our primary objective.

People need to be responsible for the fate of the planet and take action today. Our organization shall show them which effective procedures they may implement to obtain the best results. That is why the channel of media and art is so critical. The same avenues that teach people to become consumers and exploit their appetites can also become an educational instrument to implement best practices and reverse the deadly trends, inaction, and indifference that are destroying our planet.


• Note from the President

“It is said that one person cannot change the world.  That is why I joined together with a team of incredibly talented individuals who share my passion for the environment and for the welfare of human beings, wildlife, and the wilderness.  Together with our vision of a sustainable world and our dedication to securing a better future for humankind, we will make that change.” 

-Staci Goddard


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